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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aldama Dual Language in the News!

Señora Sáenz, Aldama Dual Language lead teacher was voted "Person of the Year" by the Highland Park-Mt. Washington Patch readers. KCET Departures is following the continued media attention of the Aldama Dual Language Program, which they featured on their Highland Park series,  and congratulated Señora Sáenz on the vote.

Aldama Dual Language is featured in the KCET Departures series on the history and transformation of Highland Park.

Author, journalist and Loyola Marymount professor Rubén Martínez writes an editorial for the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Times discussing his visit to the Aldama Dual Language Program and what our program means to families whose language heritage is Spanish.

The Highland Park Patch interviews Spanish Kindergarten teacher Angelina Sáenz regarding the goals and history of the Aldama Dual Language program.

Nona Randois, parent of an Aldama Dual Language student, discusses the dedication and specialized training of Aldama Dual Language teachers and how their work has kept her child in a neighborhood, public school.

Aldama Dual Language parents rally outside of a Board of Education meeting, as they prepare to enter and present on why Aldama Dual Language teachers, and Dual Language teachers across the district, must be protected from mass lay-offs.  A resolution was passed on this day that will protect Dual Language teachers from lay-offs in the future.

Los Angeles Times article that features the hope and anxiety of families and students on the first day of school for the 2008 pilot Aldama Dual Language kindergarten class.

Aldama Dual Language wins the Spanglishbaby Bilingual Library contest!

Angelina Sáenz, Kindergarten Spanish teacher writes an advice article about how families can support their child's second language development! 

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