Introduction to Aldama Dual

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Aldama Elementary Dual Language Program is looking to identify highly qualified kindergarten-6th grade, Spanish and English Dual Language teacher candidates for possible teaching positions for the 2014-2015 school year. The successful candidate will embody best classroom instructional practices and honor the di...verse cultural backgrounds of her/his students and families. The candidate will be a reflective, innovative educator who is able to collaborate with colleagues to create a highly engaging curriculum that is aligned with our vision and core values.

To Apply: Aldama welcomes applicants to submit a cover letter, resume and three references to be contacted by phone, to Paula Córdoba, Principal, Aldama Elementary, 632 N. Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA, 90042. Cover letter should be specific to our school and should indicate grade level preference, description of relevant experiences, and explanation of candidate’s alignment to our mission of developing bicultural and biliterate citizens. Responses to employment inquiries should be expected within 4-6 weeks.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Matriculación para Jardín 2014 Kindergarten Enrollment

¡RESERVA LA FECHA! El viernes, 24 de enero, es la fecha para inscribir a sus hijos/hijas en jardín infantil del Programa en Dos Idiomas de Aldama del otoño del 2014.  Se inscribe alumnos por orden de llegada a la fila.  Normalmente hay 24 plazas, pero alumnos del jardín transicional, y hermanos de alumnos actualmente en el programa, van hacer que haiga menos plazas.  Por favor, tomen esto en consideración cuando deciden a qué hora formarse.  Se tienen que formar en frente de las puertas del auditorio, y las puertas se abren a las 7am.  Déjenos saber si tienen alguna pregunta. 

SAVE THE DATE!  Kindergarten line-up for enrollment in the Aldama Dual Language kindergarten cohort of fall 2014!  Friday, January 24 at the doors of the Aldama Elementary auditorium on Avenue 50.  Doors will open at 7:00am, enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis.  NOTE:  Because our transitional kindergarten students will be rolling over and taking spots in the general kindergarten roster, and because we have 10 siblings that will be coming in, we will have less spots open than the normal 24 per language group.  Please take this into consideration when planning what time you intend to line-up.  Thank you so much! 

DUAL LANGUAGE TRANSITIONAL KINDERGARTEN:  There will be 8 spots open for transitional kindergarten students in the Dual Language Program.  Your child must turn 5 between the dates of September 3rd to December 2nd.  If they turn 5 sooner than that, they are eligible for regular kindergarten, and if their birthday is later, they are eligible for our fantastic preschool-SRLDP program with Ms. De Los Santos.  Please inquire in the office about our preschool program. 

JARDIN TRANSICIONAL EN EL PROGRAMA EN DOS IDIOMAS: Habrá 8 plazas para alumnos que no llegan a cumplir 5 antes del 2 de septiembre.  Si el cumpleaños de su hijo/hija cae entre el 2 de septiember y el 2 de diciembre, se pueden inscribir al jardín transicional.  Comuníquese con nosotros si tienen alguna pregunta. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Line-up for Enrollment for Dual Language Kindergarten!

Friday, January 24th, 2014 at 7am 
Doors of Aldama Elementary Auditorium 

The moment we've all been waiting for! While Ms. Jung and I are barely, mid-year with our current little ones, we're already planning and preparing for the next cohort! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!! Please see message below regarding line-up and feel free to pose questions to this thread, and current families,
please feel free to answer questions as they are asked! Yay! Señora Sáenz

- Transitional Kindergarten (TK) will begin at 8:05 am and dismiss at 2:34.  If your child WILL NOT BE 5 by September 3rd, they cannot enroll in regular kindergarten.  If their 5 year-old birthday falls between Sep. 3rd and Dec. 3rd of 2014, they are eligible for transitional kindergarten, which will be two years in Dual Kindergarten.  There will be 4 English TK spots and 4 Spanish TK spots open for next year.  You must line-up on the 24th for enrollment for these spots.  

-The afterschool care that is available on campus is LAs Best. In addition,
families hire someone to pick their child up from school at dismissal. There may
also be a movement to have Celebration Kids pick up children in a van and take
them back over there. It is a long day for young children, so if they can go
home at dismissal, or to a home daycare, that would be ideal.

-There are no documents required for 1/24. It is only to line-up and receive
your registration appointment. If you are one of the first 24 English speaking families or one of the first 24 Spanish speaking families to receive an
appointment, assuming you complete all of your documents by registration time,
your enrollment is considered guaranteed.

-Doors to receive a registration appointment open at 7am. Families line-up
earlier. In all honesty, while there are families who arrive at 3:30am, the bulk
of families begin to arrive by 5am. It is a first-come, first-serve process. We
are usually done handing out appointments by 7:30.

-The year will be mid-August to end of May.

-There are no summer school programs at this point. Señora Sáenz does do summer home visits to do a literacy interview, to answer questions and to meet the children.

-I would highly recommend that you join our listserve at
Facebook (Aldama Dual Language/Aldama Dos Idiomas) page to both pose
program/afterschool care/resource questions to the larger community, and to keep abreast of all the events and developments in our program.

Any questions? Please leave a comment here or email Señora Sáenz:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visitas a Aldama para marticular en otoño del 2014 - Tours for Fall 2014!

You can download English tour flyer here! 

¡Pueden bajar el volante de español para las visitas aquí!

Visitas a la escuela y eventos para la matriculación del otoño del 2014
Fall 2014 enrollment tours and community events

• Friday, September 27 – School Tour @ 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary
• Friday, October 25 – School Tour @ 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary
• Thursday, November 7 – Meet and Greet teachers and current families
@ 4:30 pm - 6 pm at the Awesome Playground, 5158 York Boulevard
(Corner of York Blvd. & Ave 52) $7.00 admission per child
• Friday, November 8 – School Tour 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary
• Saturday, November 9 – Speaking in Tongues Documentary
@ Arroyo Seco Library @ 11am
• Friday, November 22 – School Tour @ 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary
• Friday, December 6 – School Tour 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary
• Friday, December 13 – School Tour 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary
• Saturday, January 11 – Speaking in Tongues Documentary
@ Arroyo Seco Library @ 11am
• Friday, January 17 – School Tour @ 9:00 am at Aldama Elementary

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Tours...

Our first Fall tour for 2014 Kindergarten enrollment, will be on Friday, September 27th at 9am in the Aldama Elementary Parent Center - 632 North Avenue 50, Los Angeles, CA 90042.  The tour will be for one hour, which will include classroom visits, a video of our program and a question and answer period with current parents.  We are looking forward to meeting you.

A full flyer of program tour dates will be coming soon!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Aldama Dual Brochure

Learn all about our program.  Download brochure here!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Letter from a happy Dual Language grandparent!

A parent asked if a grandmother could observe our kindergarten Dual Language classroom. I didn't know why a grandmother would want to visit, but Ms. Jung and I said yes.  The following week the grandmother observed our Dual Language Kindergarten classrooms for two hours. When the grandmother left, she was so happy.  She said that she was so pleased with what she had seen and that she was very happy that her grand-daughter has the opportunity to be in our program. Curious, I asked her to write a reflection of what she experienced and this is what she sent me. If you have any grandparents who have shared their feelings about our Dual Language Program, please send them my way, or add to this post in comments below. Thank you. Señora Sáenz

"I was delighted to spend a short time in Mrs. Saenz’s kindergarten class where my granddaughter, Lilly is a student. Her mother had visited the class and school earlier to decide whether to enroll her there or for Lilly to continue attending her Montessori school. After the visit, she was excited yet apprehensive to enroll her in a Dual Language Immersion program. She asked me to visit the classroom since I am a retired elementary school principal and had worked with biliteracy programs in San Diego.

I was quite impressed with the strategies that were implemented throughout the lessons. English speakers were combined with English Language Learners where the instruction was solely in Spanish. It was evident that it was important to use animation and expressive gestures in order for all students to understand the instruction. There were clear demonstrations so that students would comprehend the lesson and tasks. There did not seem to be confusion by the English-only students to know what was expected from them since they observed the teacher and other students illustrate the expectations. The process for each step of the lesson was clearly and dramatically demonstrated by the teacher.

I observed my granddaughter’s actions to know whether she understood the objectives of the lesson. She very confidently participated in the assignments and would also observe her classmates when she was unsure of exactly what to do. It was a stress-free environment that invited partner work and a cultural exchange that enriched my granddaughter’s educational experience. In fact, later that weekend, while we were in the swimming pool, she loved singing “araña pequñita” over and over and loved to trill her r’s! She is truly benefitting from this rich Dual Language Immersion program. I am excited to have her continue in this enriching academic experience and know she will benefit greatly from it. Above all, she loves it!

I also observed Mrs. Saenz partner teacher, Ms. Jung, who teaches in English. Again the lesson was clearly explained with demonstrations, partner talk and critical thinking strategies. The students in these classes will profit from the excellent teaching practices by these outstanding teachers."

Cecilia Estrada 9/21/12