Introduction to Aldama Dual

Monday, January 19, 2015

Line-Up Information for Fall 2018 Registration

On Friday, January 26, 2018, auditorium doors, located on corner of Avenue 50 and San Marcos, will open at 7am.

This is a first-come, first-serve process.

The only document that is required is the blue sheet that we will give you to complete.  On this blue sheet, you will note your child’s name, birthdate, the name of your home school (it must be one of the following: Aldama, Annandale, Buchanan St., Bushnell Way, Dahlia Heights, Delevan Drive, Eagle Rock, Fletcher Dr., Garvanza, Glassell Park, Monte Vista (Riordan PC), Mt. Washington, Rockdale, San Pascual, Toland Way and Yorkdale), the language that you speak to your child at home, address and phone number. 

Once you turn in your blue sheet, you will be given a registration appointment.  

When it is your turn, if we have already given out the designated amount of registration packets, you will receive a letter, indicating that you are being placed on the waiting list.  We will send you a letter in February, informing you of your place on the waiting list. 

Note:  Due to a class-size limit of 24 students, and the necessity to move a class of 24 students to first grade for reasons of attrition, we can no longer accept transitional kindergarten students.  However, you may enroll your child in our transitional kindergarten class during our regular registration period in the spring. You do not need to line-up if you are going to register for regular transitional kindergarten. 

I would highly recommend that you join our listserve at , as well as, "like" our Facebook (Aldama Dual Language/Aldama Dos Idiomas) page to both pose program/afterschool care/resource questions to the larger community, and to keep abreast of all the events and developments in our program.

Please contact Señora Sáenz for any Dual Language kindergarten related questions – Please write “Dual Kindergarten Question” in subject field, so that I can flag the email.  Thank you!